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Mar 12, 2019 · Remove onClick () Event By Using addEventListener () Function We can also use the addEvenListener () function in order to remove existing click event code or function. We will just empty string for code or function parameter like below.
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You need to pass the specific event listener that you want to remove to the removeEventListener method, instead of just passing an empty function. An example of how this should be done would be: const listener = function (e) { console.log ('focused!'); // do anything here } // Add event listener document.getElementById ("txttaskdateDeploy").addEventListener ("focus", listener); // When you want to remove the event listener document.getElementById ("txttaskdateDeploy").removeEventListener ... 新用户买彩票冲20送10块活动_爱彩网_新浪彩票_2012伦敦奥运_新浪网
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